Ep. 10 - Michael Boothby


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About The Episode

My guest this week is musician, performer, and artist Michael Boothby. The Friday before this episode was recorded, Michael and I had the opportunity to play some music together, and this episode definitely feels like a jam session between two creative hearts. Michael and I are both fans of the non-fiction works of Steven Pressfield (we fanboy out at 16:00), and our conversation is all about the creative process and doing the work that is required for it to be truly satisfying. We discuss the idea of Resistance, or what I like to call “creative labor pain” (19:00), the feeling of unwillingness that we all face when approaching work that is deeply meaningful to us, which I think is a very important topic for all creative people to absorb. The seed of a TV pilot based on my experiences working at a day care center is planted (27:30). We talk about the energy of successful creative projects versus unsuccessful creative projects (44:15). We chat about how we, as a species are addicted to psychological suffering (1:00:05). Basically, we jammed out! This conversation was a blast, and I think there are many lovely nuggets of wisdom and goodness for anyone who is artistically inclined (and if you’re reading this, you probably are). Enjoy!

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