Ep. 12 - Julie Schmerbeck


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About The Episode

My guest this week is Julie Schmerbeck, Chicago-based musician and performer. Usually, I have put a little blurb at the beginning of this podcast that details some of the highlights of the conversation, and I want to try something different from this episode forward: simply introduce the guest and the meal we are eating, and then let the conversation speak entirely for itself. I think introducing what is being talked about during the show kind of defeats the spirit of the podcast, which isn’t about the contents of what is being talked about, but rather the conversational journey that unfolds in the aftermath of deep and intentional connection. Julie and I had no idea what we were going to talk about before the show, and instead discovered it moment by moment, and I want to inspire my audience to listen to these conversations from that space of openness and curiosity that I am in whenever I do these shows. I’m not really interested in “hooking” listeners with promises of any specific content. I want to attract listeners who are along for the ride, and who appreciate the twists and turns of an intimate conversation as opposed to looking for bite-sized nuggets of information. We can all go on Facebook or twitter if we want that. So from now on, no more pre-show blurbs! You will know just as much about Julie and I’s conversation as we did: nothing!