Ep. 5 - Stephen Kropa


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About The Episode

My guest this week is writer, comedian, and performer Stephen Kropa (@KropaCabana). What stuck out the most to me about our conversation was the notion of parallel lives. Stephen and I are obviously two different and distinct individuals, and at the same time many of our experiences and struggles are thematically quite similar. I found myself nodding my head in recognition multiple times as he recounted his sensitivities, his journey of personal growth, and his thoughts on the creative process and the comedy scene here in Chicago. (We also both work with children in our day jobs!) This episode will have you reflecting on the people in your life who may be living a parallel experience to your own, so keep that in the back of your mind as you listen. I want to thank Stephen for being so open, especially in our eye contact session at the top of the show. I hope you enjoy our conversation!