Ep. 8 - Mason Pain


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About The Episode

My guest this week is Mason Pain, a yoga teacher (www.satnamyogachicago.com), sound healer, and all-around awesome dude. Mason is one of the most grounded and insightful people I know, and this episode is packed with practical insights and perspectives on life. This episode is in large part a guidebook on practical manifestation. Manifestation is a topic that has a lot of BS surrounding it (think “The Secret”), but Mason and I manage to discuss this often misinterpreted facet of life in very practical, actionable terms. If you are looking to improve your relationship with the comings and goings of life, I think that this episode will be of great use to you. Above all else, this episode is about living life fully, being an example for others, and the power of love and connection to transform even the most seemingly irredeemable problems. Enjoy!