Ep. 7 - Peyton Robbins


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About The Episode

My guest this week is Peyton Robbins, an improviser and performer here in Chicago. This conversation went deep, which is my favorite direction for a conversation to go. To quote Peyton in this episode, “I love any conversation that spirals out towards universe.” Peyton and I have known each other for a while, but this was the first time we have gotten to sit down and really have a meaningful conversation, something that tends to be in short supply in the comedy world (we discuss the phenomenon of conversations that are almost entirely bits, aka “The Bit Factory”). But we also dive into our religious backgrounds (or lack thereof) and how that shaped our childhoods, the power of video games and SuperBetter, an app that helps you be more playful (or gameful) with your life, and the internet’s contribution to the evolution of consciousness. Please enjoy this beautiful conversation with the wonderful Peyton Robbins. Note: there is significant audio issues at the beginning of this episode, please stick with it as it improves markedly after three minutes. I’m still experimenting with software and other things, so I appreciate your patience as I figure things out!